Michelin Guide Bewildered by Single Snap Pea

An unnamed chef might be trolling the world’s most famous restaurant guide

An unnamed chef sent a single snap pea out "with the chef's compliments" to a Michelin inspector who still does not seem sure if it was a joke or not. 

A British chef is either taking minimalist cuisine a little too far, or trolling the Michelin Guide this weekend, and even the Michelin Guide does not seem to know for sure.

The Michelin Guide UK Twitter account has been posting photos of lovely food at very nice restaurants for some time now, but on Saturday, October 3, the Twitter account posted a photo of a single snap pea in a white dish that had been sent out to a Michelin reviewer “with the chef’s compliments.” 

“Don’t know whether to laugh or cry,” the Michelin Guide UK posted.



The single snap pea was decorated with some sort of orange seasoning. One of the Michelin Guide UK’s Twitter followers surmised that the orange crumbles might be bee pollen, but really it is anybody’s guess.


The identity of the cheeky chef is still unknown, but it seems likely that he or she knew a Michelin inspector was in the restaurant. The single, orange-sprinkled snap pea might have been intended as an impressively minimal and completely unironic dish, but it sure seems a lot more likely that it was sent out as a bit of snark in food form.