British Airways Apologizes for Supposed Teabag Limit

If the customer wants to smoosh two teas together, British Airways says that's OK
British Airways plane


A British Airways customer complained that he was told not to use multiple teabags at one time in the airport lounge, but the airline says that's OK.

British Airways has issued an official apology to a customer who did not take kindly to being told not to use multiple teabags at one time in a British Airways lounge at London's Heathrow airport. 

British Airways provides a selection of teas in its airport lounge. According to The Telegraph, one customer saw the array of different flavors and got creative with an elderflower darjeeling and an elderflower apple, resulting in an elderflower darjeeling apple tea of his own invention. After he added the hot water, he said he looked up and saw a British Airways staff member staring at him.

The customer said the British Airways hostess told him that lounge policy was for only one teabag was to be used at a time, which the customer called “petty” when he complained on an internet travel board.


The complaint got back to British Airways, who apologized and said there was no policy prohibiting customers from blending their tea however they desire.