Britain's Spiciest Burger Hospitalizes Five

After the XXX Hot Chili Burger at Burger Off put five people in the hospital, now you have to sign a disclaimer before eating it
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This is the innocent-looking burger that sent people screaming and crying into ambulances, complaining of ulcers.

Ouch! It’s the burger so spicy, five people were hospitalized after eating it. Now if you want to eat Burger Off’s  XXX Hot Chili Burger , which measures at 9.2 million on the Scoville scale — or approximately 3,500 times spicier than a jalapeño pepper — you have to sign a disclaimer stating that you know the risks associated with eating the flaming-hot burger.

“I am amazed I am allowed to sell it — but it’s been a massive hit with the customers,” Nick Gambardella, the owner of Burger Off in Brighton, Sussex told the Daily Mail. “'I have to admit I’ve not dared to try one of these burgers myself as they are so spicy.”

The burger is on sale for only £3.90 (or $6.48) features a Piri Piri chilli concentrate, created through steaming and later infused with carbon dioxide.  Out of 3,000 customers who’ ve attempted to eat the burger, only 59 have succeeded.  Gambardella told The Daily Mail that consumption of the burger has led customers to vomit, punch windows, and apparently call an ambulance from shock, extreme stomach aches, and caused an ulcer.

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