Bring Your Buddies


Located along a busy drag in the middle of Park Slope, this former auto repair garage turned beer bar is the perfect low-key venue to unwind after a busy day. It might be difficult to find this place on the first try though, so well does it blend into its nondescript surroundings.

Once inside, patrons are greeted by a hybrid indoor-outdoor space with an airy sky-lit communal space up front, and a somewhat intentionally grungy looking bar in the back. Think dive bar meets family friendly, almost. Beers on tap include a good selection of local brews and cater to a variety of tastes; witness Sixpoint, Stoudt’s, and Smuttynose, although the occasional foray into other regions does show up on the list, namely, Avery and Stone. If cocktails are more your speed, the bartenders here have been known to whip up a decent martini from time to time.

The crowd is usually pretty mellow, although things do pick up a bit on Friday and Saturday nights as the local 30-somethings trade their strollers for sitters and the struggling musicians show up to man the vintage pinball machines while sharing pitchers of ‘Gansett. (This is Park Slope, after all.) Don’t be fooled though — it can get crazy loud, crazy busy at times with bartenders struggling to keep up with the orders and the iPod on shuffle blaring away over the speakers.

All in all though, no matter what time of day it is, the patrons stay amicable and the drinks are reasonably priced, especially when compared to similar bars in the city. Fairly decent music is an added bonus. And that’s what makes this a decent neighborhood bar.