Brigham Young Starts 'Milktoberfest' Tradition

Oktoberfest is a beloved drinking holiday at universities around the world, but not at Brigham Young University, where consuming alcohol goes against the school's honor code and is not allowed. Now, however, BYU students will get their own version, because the school is promoting its own "Milktoberfest" holiday in the library.

While Milktoberfest and Oktoberfest share 10 letters of their names, they don't have much else in common. According to the Herald Extra, Milktoberfest is promoting itself as a "holiday for drinking milk and doing homework."

"Yes, it's a real thing," the Milktoberfest website assures visitors.

During the inaugural event, students could have free chocolate milk and cookies in the library. There was also a folk dance performance and mini golf in the library. 400 bottles of chocolate milk with "Milktoberfest" labels were given away, and the event has been deemed a big success. Looks like BYU students will have something to look forward to next October, too.