Bridgeport Brewing Launches Citra Czar In Rotating IPA Series

May 2014 be the year of new beer confusion, the big three of Oregon brewers: Deschutes, Widmer and Bridgeport all are launching a gazillion new brews and lines of beers, retiring many and freshening up others. One of the slowest to change – Bridgeport Brewing is jumping onto the popular trend of rotating IPA's just as Widmer Brother's who trademarked the "Rotator IPA" series atleast temporarily abandons it for Upheaval IPA. Bridgeport, who had become a little stagnant and boring to beer geeks over the last 10 years is changing their only certified hop head approved beer "Hop Czar" into a rotator series of it's own. First revealed last year, Bridgeport is testing out a new "Trilogy" series of Pale Ales before deciding on which is their favorite. Bridgeport has just announced the first new change-up to their year-round lineup with Hop Czar temporarily becoming "Citra Czar".
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