Brewing Company Launches Campaign to Mass-Produce White House Beer

Staff Writer
It's the first 'crowd-sourced, crowd-organized brewery' that wants to get the White House brews to the public
White House Brewing Company

A new campaign hopes to mass-produce the White House beer recipe.

When President Obama released his beer recipes to the world, home-brewers rejoiced — and beer drinkers without a home-brewing kit were saddened that they couldn't have any. That might all change, thanks to a new Kickstarter launch that could create the world's first "crowd-sourced, crowd-organized" brewery to produce the beer. 

Eater and Mother Nature Network pointed out the campaign, which launched Sept. 7. The goal of the brewing company is to mass-produce the White House beer recipes, "for the people, by the people." The program needs funds for supplies, licensing fees, brewing equipment, labor, shipping costs, and more. 

The launch is just getting started: in the first few days, the Kickstarter capmaign has raised $360 out of its $50,000 goal. Check out the brewing company's video below.