Breitling Releases Its Newest Fashion Watch—the Men's Galactic 44


The newest watch from Breitling is the sporty Galactic 44 and (unfortunately) it's not as space-agey as its name would make it seem. Instead it’s an extra-large sports watch for those who may not necessarily need a chronograph, but still want an awesome looking timepiece. Yes, it might be more fashion than function, but this watch was built for style rather than power. Breitling fans have no fear though—stylish accessory or dedicated timepiece, it still performs to the highest of the brand’s standard. This 44 mm face watch is designed to look masculine, powerful and technical that at the very least would make it look like you fly your own private plane in your spare time.

The Galactic collection originally began with a 41 mm self-winding watch and later added two ladies models to the collection—a 36 and 32 mm. To update the line with more masculine appeal, Breitling is introducing the large 44 mm watch with brushed metal and dark colors. The bezel features a satin brushed steel and inlaid hour markers sitting over a polished steel casing housing a self-winding movement chronometer-certified by the COSC. On the face sits two apertures for the day and date, a compass scale, 100 hour divisions and laminated hand and hour markers.

As this is a fashion piece, the Galactic 44 comes with a series of options to make this watch your own with customizable dials and straps. The dials come in either trophy black, metallica blue or sierra silver while the strap comes in leather, crocodile leather, rubber Diver Pro or Military/Pilot. Personally we dig the black face and silver strap combination, but feel free to style this one to match your favorite crocodile shoes or cameo pants—the design is up to you.