Breathometer: Make Smarter Decisions One Breath at a Time


Remember when you were impressed that your smartphone found the best Italian restaurant in the area and even gave you directions to it? Well, then you might want to sit down for this one, because now it might just be capable of saving your life! Say you had one too many glasses of Barolo at that fancy dinner and aren't sure if you should hop behind the wheel afterward. Instead of having the nice policeman administer an embarrassing breathalyzer on the side of the road, you could find out your blood alcohol level before you ever leave the restaurant. If you watch ABC's Shark Tank then you've already been introduced to Breathometer, the new gadget that plugs into your iOS or Android device and syncs up to an app. Just blow into it for five seconds to get your BAC reading and decide what to do next. To help, the app provides an estimated time for your BAC to return back to zero, as well as quick access to local cab companies with the touch of a button. Breathometer is registered with the FDA and is currently the world's smallest smartphone breathalyzer on the market. It comes in Jet Black and is available for preorder to ship in October.