Texas Restaurant Gets in Trouble Over 'Anything But Clothes' Night

Turns out, bikinis were swapped for body paint and pasties, causing tiffs with the locals

Short shorts and bikinis might be the trend when it comes to restaurants (or, breastaurants), but apparently one Texas restaurant has taken it too far.

CBS Local reported yesterday that locals complained about a restaurant and bar called Redneck Heaven, where normally waitresses wear bikinis to serve up pints of beer. But on an "Anything But Clothes," or ABC, night, waitresses simply slap on some body paint, apply some pasties, pull on some booty shorts, and call it a day. Some patrons were so offended they called the Lewisville police.

This was all legal, however; before last night, the city ordinance only required that certain body parts should have "opaque covering," under which body paint and pasties were legal. Back in 2011, Redneck Heaven was also reported for simply having waitresses wear pasties and G-strings, so the city council added on the "opaque covering" mandate. 

Last night, the Lewisville City Council voted unanimously to update that ordinance to say that body paint and similar materials are not considered suitable coverage for body parts at local businesses.


"If any business were to decide to become a licensed Sexually Oriented Business then none of this matters for that particular establishment, but it applies here because the complaints were about a business that is licensed as a regular restaurant," the city's community manager said, Consumerist reports. Which is just to say, if you're expecting waitresses to walk around with pasties and G-strings on, you may as well visit a strip club (although as they note on Facebook, this ordinance only affects their Lewisville location). Now we wonder what the city would say about patrons of restaurants; it is legal for women to be topless in New York, after all.