'Breaking Bad'-Inspired Meth Candy Sparks Controversy

A New Mexico candy store is selling a crushed, light blue, powdery sugar sweet that looks an awful lot like meth

Sure, meth candy might usually mean meth dipped in chocolate to smuggle over international borders, but actually, one store's meth candy is just sugar. Druggies beware.

The AP reports that New Mexico candy store The Candy Lady is selling bags of crushed-up, light blue rock candy, inspired by the so-good-we-can't-believe-it's-ending show Breaking Bad. The candy, dubbed "Meth Candy" by the press, looks so much like methamphetamine that it's been used as props for the show.

"It isn't, 'Oh it's crystal meth, you're bad,' it's, 'Oh you're selling Breaking Bad candy,'" owner Debbie Hall told KOB-TV. Hall has sold some 300 bags in the past month, ever since actor Bryan Cranston pulled out a bag on David Letterman's show.

But of course, Albuquerque police aren't too happy about the candy's popularity, especially since meth is reportedly the most destructive and hazardous drug in the area. "Meth is a terrible thing, not something that's a joke," Albuquerque Meth Unit detective Brian Sallee said, saying kids could think actual meth was just candy, leading to deadly consequences. 

Furthermore, the gimmicky sweet could send the wrong message about meth to kids, although fans are getting a kick out of it. "The response has been great,” Hall said. “They are all fans of Breaking Bad… and fans of Albuquerque.”

Naturally, other Albuquerque shops are slinging Breaking Bad deals, with one donut shop selling a "Blue Sky Breaking Bad" vanilla donut with blue rock-sugar sprinkles.

ABQ Trolley Co. has also reporteldy sold out tickets for "The BaD Tour," bringing tourists through all Breaking Bad locations on the show.  And as for the fate of the candy and Candy Lady Hall? "I haven't been to jail for that yet, and I won't ever be," Hall said.