The Breakfast Klub: Is It Worth All Those K’s?

Is It Worth All Those K’s?

After a four-hour-delayed flight and a one-and-a-half-day-trip to Houston, I found myself being corralled into a line wrapping around the block of Houston restaurant The Breakfast Klub. Not only had my Houston hostess raved about this place for months before my arrival, but her friends urged that it was an absolute must — worth taking up the entire half a day that led up to my flight back to New York.

We were given menus at the end of the line, as I was told that once you get to the front, it’s a you-snooze-you-lose-situation — you have to be ready to order, pay, grab your drink and condiments, and find an empty seat.

Despite the sky-high prices at this morning eatery, there is no technical table service. However, you come to find when you actually do sit down, with the staff bringing you your food, checking if you need a bag for the box you grabbed from the shelf, and gushing apologies when they hit your chair, that the service just may be in politeness and care — something I’d trade for being waited on any day.

The two specials at The Breakfast Klub, marked with stars on the menu where all Cs are replaced with Ks, were the Wings and Waffle, and the Katfish and Grits. Although an adventurous eater, I opted for the fish, as the idea of wings with a waffle, however delectable, didn’t quite suit my fancy that morning. I was applauded for my choice by friends, and hurried through the line to see if I was going to be berated for asking to opt out of the grits.

Instead of the dirty look that I was expecting, I got a prompt, "How about let’s just give you the eggs and potatoes instead," which are usually an either-or when ordering this dish. Immediately happy with how my alteration was received, I replied gratefully and opted for the biscuit instead of the toast in my second menu-given option. With eggs-over-medium and bottomless coffee also on the ticket, I was almost home-free, and now had to skip through the cashier (so easy with cash!), and move on to filling up my coffee from one of the five selections, grab silverware, condiments, and then to grab a seat.

As a restaurant-friendly eater, and my first trip to The Breakfast Klub being with pros who had already had me prepped, we collected our extras and were seated in no time. Almost immediately, a warm smile rounded the corner with my catfish plate, and swooped it down on the table with ease, saying, "Everything look all right baby?" For the first time, feeling like I was finally the star in Dirty Dancing, I replied, "Yes, thank you!" and proceeded to dig in.

And I have to say, although I paid close to $30 for my unbelievably delicious Cajun-seasoned and fried "katfish" fillet (which I must point out, was perfectly breaded, crispy, and remarkably fluffy and white on the inside), eggs, potatoes, and "biskuit," complete with a full to-go cup of bottomless coffee and a glass of water, the experience was well-beyond worth it. My plate wasn’t swooped away until I was completely finished (no premature asking either, despite the continuously epic line outside), and when I went to grab a to-go box for my potatoes, a sweet smile immediately asked if I’d like a bag to go with it, and if ever a staff-member or guest bumped my chair, the apologies went flooding, and I swooned like a New Yorker misplaced in a land of smiles and sun.

So, The Breakfast Klub… I have to say, is worth it.