The Breakfast Club: Crossroads Café

Photo by Jessia Fedin

It's not every day you find college students dragging themselves out of bed at 6 am, but Dinertoure, a weekly event run by Cabin and Trail on Wednesdays, excites people enough about breakfast to venture out into the cold before sunrise. Breakfast is just so important!


Photo by Jessica Fedin

This week we drove to Crossroads Cafe in nearby White River Junction. With cozy, authentic décor and quintessential establishments such as the Discount Food Store, Comfort Inn and Ford truck dealership nearby, nothing could be homier or more American on a cold winter morning. The menu was loaded with adventurous dishes like Papas Tacos, Hunter's Specials, and the Garbage Omelet, all college affordable, priced up to $10.


Photo by Jessica Fedin

The service was friendly, the food was all-American and home-made and the portion size was exceptional. I started off with the yummy hot chocolate. It was not exceptionally rich or different, but classic and filling.


Photo by Jessica Fedin

When the main portions came (I opted for the healthy veggie omelet while my companions went for burritos and garbage omelets) I didn't think I would finish it- and I was right. I was thoroughly stuffed from the four pieces of toast (Pro-tip #1: Always upgrade to the home-style toast for a mere 50 cents), home fries and a giant omelet. The cheesy filling was perfect and the veggies were fresh and light.


Photo by Jessica Fedin

The great thing about diners is that you often forget how large the servings are and end up consuming way too much food. There may not be a wide, exciting variety of items, but sometimes classic comfort food is what you need, especially before midterms. (As some like to say, it's good for the soul). By the end of my omelet, I was stuffed and sleepy. Pro-tip #2: Take your books along with you and sleep in Sanborn post-feast to recuperate before class.


Photo by Jessica Fedin

Location: 96 Sykes Mountain Ave, White River Jct, VT 05001

Hours of Operation: Mon-Sun 5am-8pm

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