The Breakers' Flagler Steakhouse: Rich Traditions Of American Luxury In Palm Beach

What Palm Beach's Breakers hotel has done so well over the past 120 years, is continue to maintain its rich traditions while entering a new era of luxury. Each year, the owners have spent around $20 million to revitalize the historic property while keeping it true to its heritage. Over $250 million has been invested in the past decade, but modern additions aren't part of its current plans however. 

The most recently revamped and updated spaces have been designed in homage to Henry Morrison Flagler, the Standard Oil founder who originally opened it as The Palm Beach Inn in 1896. A man with highly refined taste—whose own 55-room mansion nearby is now the famed Flagler Museum—he's the perfect figure to represent both what the ultimate luxury resort is now and what it always will be. While many brands try to create a similar pedigree for themselves, The Breakers is the real thing.