Bread Is A Rising Trend Again, According to Facebook

Toast to the return of the much-maligned staff of life

Bread is rising again, according to Facebook. The staff of life has been burned lately due to gluten-free diets and other changes, but get ready to toast to its return. The Facebook 2019 Topics and Trends report is out, and “Bread 2.0” is one of the topics the social-media platform sees becoming hot in the new year.

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What exactly is this report? Facebook employees pulled together data noting which topics are seeing growth on the social-media platform, from Korean beauty products to new trends in horror movies and speaker technology. And the resurgence of bread is one of them.

“Bread has gotten a bad rap,” the report declares, before noting things may be changing.

“Food start-ups are innovating bread with processes like, ‘slow carb baking’ or slow natural fermenting which creates breads with lower glycemic indexes,” the report says. “In doing so, food start-ups are generally raising awareness that not all bread is bad – it’s the overly processed, sugar- and preservative-laden varieties that have proven problematic for many diet plans.”

The report also notes that interest in alternative flours, such as spelt flour, and ancient grains, including einkorn wheat, has been bubbling up.

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“This is an example of a previously ‘unhealthy’ food category being invented by rethinking the process, returning to natural and traditional techniques over mass production,” the report continues. If bread’s always been on the rise with you, check out the best sandwich in every state.