Boy Locks Parents, Police Out of House Over Pizza

Police were called to negotiate with an 11-year-old who wanted pizza

Police were called to negotiate with an 11-year-old who locked his parents out of the house because he wanted pizza.

A temperamental adolescent decided he would not be taking “no” for an answer this week when he locked both his parents and the police out of the house for saying he could not have pizza for dinner.

According to The Local, the police wound up being called out to negotiate with an 11-year-old boy in Austria who was livid that his mother had the gall to make him pasta for dinner, instead of getting him a pizza like he wanted. When his parents stepped out of the house for a moment, he seized the opportunity and locked them both out.

When the 11-year-old wouldn’t budge on his demands or let his parents back into the house, they finally wound up calling the police, and an officer came over to negotiate with the boy through an open window.

The boy eventually gave in and his parents were allowed back in their house, but it is not clear what he wound up eating for dinner.

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