Boxcar Coffee: Roasting to Perfection

Roasting to Perfection

If you are in the mile-high city and on the hunt for coffee, look no further than Boxcar Coffee. Boxcar Coffee in Denver is a standout coffee shop. Their unique coffee brewing method, known as cowboy coffee, is not something you want to miss out on. The grounds are steeped at 203 degrees to perfectly infuse the coffee into the hot water.

Originally from Boulder, Colorado, the roasters recently added in the Denver location. The inviting, clean, and open space is the type of environment I look for in coffee shops. Not to mention, the staff is always friendly, and very knowledgeable of their field.

Open seven days a week, the only excuse you have not to stop by is not being able to find the building. Located on Rigsby Court, there are no signs pointing to Boxcar Coffee.