Both Soda Tax Initiatives Failed In California

Looks like New York City will continue to forge the lonely war on soda by itself, as the two soda tax initiatives on the ballot in California failed to pass. 

Report the Huffington Post and the Los Angeles Times, a whopping 76 percent of the population voted against the soda tax in El Monte, Calif. In Richmond, Calif., 67 percent of the votes were against the ban. The votes may not be a total shock, considering how much money the beverage industry spent fighting the bills. HuffPo reports that the American Beverage Association (ABA) — an outspoken foe of the New York City soda ban and the proposed taxes — spent $2.5 million in Richmond, Calif., and $1.3 million in El Monte, Calif. (It was the most expensive campaign ever in El Monte, Calif.) 

Many are disappointed that the soda taxes won't be put into effect considering the two cities' growing obesity rates; they are among the highest in all of California. Still, it looks as though the ABA will continue to dominate the war on soda — until they get to Bloomberg, of course.