Boston Dunkin' Donuts Stay Open At Cops' Request

Photos taken of Boston during Friday's manhunt for the second marathon bombing suspect showed the city eerily quiet, with empty streets and closed businesses. But some Dunkin' Donuts locations stayed open throughout the ordeal.

"At the direction of authorities, select Dunkin' Donuts restaurants in the Boston area are open to take care of needs of law enforcement and first responders," said Dunkin' representative Lindsay Harrington. "We are encouraging our guests to state home today and abide by the lockdown, per the Governor's recommendation."

According to, while other restaurants and businesses stayed closed during the lockdown as instructed, some Dunkin' units were asked to stay open to provide coffee and food to the police and emergency workers patrolling for the marathon bombing suspect. Dunkin' said those people got whatever they wanted free of charge.

Other customers showed up as well, like a group of glazers who hadn't heard the news that they should stay home until they were already at work and stayed because they figured that once there it was better to stay than leave.

Dunkin' employee Demetrius Glover said it was a lucky accient that he'd happened to spend Thursday night at a friend's house near the State Street Dunkin' Donuts where he works, which meant he was already in the area and able to open the store Friday morning.