Boozy Eggnog For 2

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For many, eggnog is a once-a-year occurance on Christmas. But mixologist Tony Abou-Ganim challenges the stereotype — for him, eggnog is a constant winter drink. And in the video above he shows an easy recipe for making a simple eggnog for two people.

His method starts with two eggs, sugar, a splash of bourbon, and cream. The key to the eggnog is the shaking. With a bit of ice and using his Modern Mixologist bar tools, Abou-Ganim shakes the eggnong for as long as his arm can possibly shake it! When finished, he strains it out and tops it with a touch of nutmeg. What you're left with is a cold refreshing, eggnog cocktail.

Watch the video above for the full recipe and if you want more from Tony Abou-Ganim you can pick up his book, Modern Mixologist.