Booze Thieves Strike Bohemian Beer Hall

Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden burgled by booze thieves
Facebook/Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden

Three men allegedly broke into the Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden and made off with 16 bottles of liquor.

Astoria’s historic and much-loved Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden was the victim of a crime this week when three unknown young men managed to break in and make off with 16 bottles of liquor.

According to CBS, the three men burgled the beer garden on Tuesday night. They accessed the restaurant from outside the beer garden, where two men scaled the security fence and a third waited as lookout.

Wearing their shirts pulled up over their heads, the two suspects made their selection and stole bottles of vodka, tequila, bourbon, scotch, rum, and gin. Police say they got 16 bottles altogether, which is an impressive amount for two guys to carry, even if they did not have to scale a tall fence to get out again. When they met up with their lookout, all three took off with the loot and have not been apprehended.

Police have security camera footage of all three men during the alleged crime, and people with any information have been encouraged to tell the authorities.

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