Bombay Sapphire Recalled For Containing Way Too Much Alcohol

When purchasing a bottle of gin, most people assume there will be alcohol inside. But now a production mistake has led several Canadian provinces to recall Bombay Sapphire gin because the alcohol content is twice as high as written on the label.

The mistake was first discovered in Ontario, where the Ontario Liquor Control Board's quality assurance analysis revealed that some bottles contained 77 percent alcohol, as opposed to 40 percent, which is what the labels claimed. A mistake had occurred during production and the gin was not diluted properly, leading to a much higher alcohol content than anticipated.

The Ontario Liquor Control Board issued an immediate recall and said that drinking liquor with an alcohol content of 77 percent could cause serious illness.

According to CBC News, four other provinces, including Quebec, Nova Scotia, Saskatchewan, and Newfoundland and Labrador quickly followed suit and issued their own recalls.

So far nobody has reportedly been sickened by any of the too-strong gin, and Bacardi Canada said it believes the issue is limited to bottles distributed in Canada.