Body Painter John Neyrot Dishes On Painting Fainting Models And Being Invited To The Playboy Mansion

John Neyrot's career is the envy of guys everywhere: Not only does he photograph girls in bikinis for a living, but his job also entails painting girls' naked bodies — a few times at the Playboy Mansion, no less. Oh, and jetting off to exotic locales is also part of the job description. As much as his life seems perfect, especially among you Sports Illustrated Swimsuit fans out there, he promises that his path wasn't always as exciting.

Having started out as an airbrush artist, Neyrot was thrilled when he got the opportunity to paint something other than t-shirts. "Whenever you're painting," he says, "it's just you and whatever you're painting, so it's a very solitary thing. But now, when I body paint, the canvas talks back. We always have music on in the background and they'll start dancing as I'm painting them.

Curious about his job? We were too, which is why we couldn't wait to chat with Neyrot about his work. We left no stone unturned in our Q&A with him — he spilled about starting his career, fainting models, working at the Playboy Mansion, and so much more.