Boat Bureau Makes Chartering Your Next Yacht Easy


Launched in 2011, Boat Bureau is still relatively new to the luxury yacht charter scene, but that doesn't mean they have that much catching up to do. According to the company, all they want to do is help people fulfill their every sea-bound desire. Unlike some companies that cater to a specific area, Boat Bureau allows you to book a wide array of vessels — around 5,000 to be exact — from all over the world. All you have to do is spin the globe, pick a random place to sail, and Boat Bureau will have a selection of yachts for you to choose from.
Some know exactly what type of boat they want, whether it be a large yacht for your entire family or a retro-inspired sailboat, but others have no idea what kind of vessel would be best for their trip. If you are among the latter, Boat Bureau can help you out by asking a series of questions, like where you want to sail and what your budget is. Once you send in your request, someone in the company will find the boat that suits your needs best.
Boat owners interested can have Boat Bureau charter their vessel; a basic listing is free and of course the company also offers various ad packages, from the $406 Bronze benefits to the $6,782 Premium benefits (which will keep your boat on the main pages at all times).

With standard boat rental offers and last minute deals, Boat Bureau will help you sail the water from Tuscany and Corfu to Thailand and Ibiza.