New Boardwalk Empire Wine Available Only In Atlantic City

If you're looking for something special to serve at your Boardwalk Empire premiere party (or even for yourself to sip on as you watch), then a trip to Atlantic City might be in order. No, it's not for what you're thinking of — it's for a visit to the Atlantic City alcohol institution, Time of Wine. The shop is offering a special Boardwalk Empire wine, which will be available in two varieties.

The two different types are Nucky's Boarwalk Red and Nucky's Speak Easy Reserve, both of which are red blends. They are bottled in nearby Union City and will be available, along with a signed copy of the book, during the weekend of the show's premiere, September 14 to 16, for $29.95. Markowitz said of the wine, "The show and these wines are great for Atlantic City."

This isn't your traditional Atlantic City wine shop. It's not stuffed with the bottles you'll want to blow your winnings on, or drown your sorrows in after a trip to the casino. Instead, owner Janet Markowitz looks to stock, "...a mixture of some things everyone recognizes and some more obscure items." Her newest Boardwalk Empire wine certainly fits the eclectic bill.

Will the wine taste premiere be worthy? You'll have to head to Atlantic City to find out. 

(Photo Modified: Flickr/Jing)