'Blossom' Star Blooms on Her Own Blog

Mayim Bialik dishes on parenting, Jewish lifestyle, and recipes from home

Does the name Dr. Mayim Bialik ring a bell to you? No? How about Amy Fowler? Alright, alright, we’ll pull this card out — do you know Blossom Russo?

For late bloomers, you know Mayim Bialik as neurobiologist Amy Fowler, the “girlfriend” of theoretical physicist Sheldon Cooper on the The Big Bang Theory.

For early bloomers, you know Bialik as frizzy-haired, floppy hat-wearing Blossom on the ‘90s show with the same name, also starring Joey “Whoa” Lawrence. Feel dated? So do we.

Bialik, a mother of three with a Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA, talks about life as not only a mother, but as a Jewish mother on parenting web site Kveller. She writes about everything from breast-feeding to working on Jewish holidays to raising kids, along with a whole bunch of recipes (kugel!).

But if you miss the Blossom of the past, here’s a real throwback — the Blossom theme song. Remember when intros used to be longer than 15 seconds?


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