This Bloody Mary Has Real Blood In It

Range Restauramt in Washington DC has a Bloody Mary with real blood

Photo Sasabune Omakase Modified: Flickr/erin/CC 4.0

Range Restaurant in D.C. is offering a Bloody Mary with real pig's blood. (Pictured: a classic Bloody Mary)

Range Restaurant in Washington, DC now offers intrepid cocktail lovers the chance to try a Bloody Mary with real blood, if that’s something you’re into. The reinvented cocktail classic features citrine-colored pig’s blood consommé, and Tito’s vodka, according to the Washington City Paper.

Dane Nakamura, Range’s beverage director and the drink’s inventor, told City Paper that his more literal interpretation was inspired by his hatred for the classic version.

“I hate Bloody Marys the same way I hate ketchup,” said Nakamura. “They’re sticky, they get everywhere, and they smell bad.”

And since apparently pig’s blood is a touch more fragrant to some noses than a pungent tomato sauce, thus was born the Range’s truly Bloody Mary.

According to a City Paper reporter who was daring enough to try the drink, it tastes like “the lightest, most refreshing Bloody Mary you’ve ever had. Once you get over the fact that you’ve become a hog vampire, you can taste hints of fennel, bay leaves, and garlic.”

No word yet on how others have incorporated the drink into their happy hour, but it sounds like a job for Chris Cosentino.

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