Bloody Maria

Bloody Maria
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Chef/Owner of Toloache in New York City, Julian Medina’s Mexican cuisine is renowned—and this version of the Bloody Mary gets an interesting twist, a Oaxacan dried grasshopper salted rim. This Mexican version of a Bloody Mary uses many of the same ingredients that came be used to make an authentic Mexican mole—chile de arbol, lime juice, onion, hot sauce and sangrita—but kicked up a notch. The cocktail comes together when it is garnished with Chapulines salt rim, a combination of sea salt and Oxacan-dried Grasshoppers.   
  • 2 ounce jimador tequila blanco
  • 2 ounce sangrita*
  • 1 bottle dos equis lager
  • 1 sprig cilantro, for garnish
  • 1 oaxacan salt rim**
  1. In a cocktail shaker combine the tequila and sangrita with ice and shake well. Use lime to rim the edges of a highball glass. Crush grasshoppers into the salt and mix together. Dip glass rimmed in lime juice into the Grasshopper Salt mixture. Pour contents frm the shaker into the highball glass. Top off the cocktail with the Dos XX Lager to fill the glass and garnish with cilantro sprig.