black tea

Black Tea May Fight Off Diabetes

A new study has linked a lower risk of type 2 diabetes to black tea consumption
black tea

At this rate, we expect anyone who regularly drinks green or black tea to become bionic from all their health benefits. The good news keeps rolling in: those who regularly drink black tea have a lower risk of diabetes. 

The study analyzed 50 countries with the most black tea consumption, reports WebMD. The countries that drank the most black tea? Ireland, the U.K., and Turkey. Based on a mathematical mode to determine black tea consumption and the link between various diseases — cardiovascular disease, cancer, respitory and infectious diseases — those countries have much lower levels of type 2 diabetes. 


Of course, this isn't strong enough research to prove a cause and effect relationship, but it's still hopeful news. The Atlantic points out that black tea is chock-full of flavanoids that are good for the pancreas, which could be the reason for a lower risk of type 2 diabetes. Black tea is also more highly fermented than green tea or white tea, says WebMD, and the brewing process releases some of those flavanoids. Either way, we'll take a sip to this news.