Bite Labs Wants to Feed You Celebrity Meat, or Something

Kanye West, Jennifer Lawrence, and James Franco are a few of the celebrities we might be able to taste
BiteLabs Wants to Feed You Celebrity Meat, or Something

'Kevin from BiteLabs' recommends that you pair your future Kanye West salami with a nice bourbon.

Either the food world is being trolled by Nathan Fielder again (the prankster who brought us Dumb Starbucks) or Motherboard (the sister site of Vice) has just stumbled upon one of the most disgusting business ideas ever conceived, which is still sort of impressive. Anyway, Motherboard reports that “ grows meat from celebrity tissue samples and use it to make artisanal salami,” or at least, really wants to.[related] In particular, Bite Labs wants to make a meal out of Kanye West, James Franco, Jennifer Lawrence, and Ellen DeGeneres.

For anyone interested in some celebrity soylent green, Bite Labs would like you to tweet at each celebrity whose meat you’d like to eat. James Franco will taste “smoky, sexy, and smooth,” while Jennifer Lawrence (“A different type of Hunger Game”) will include rabbit and pork, and “never fail to entertain.”

Kanye West, spiced with Hungarian paprika, will be best paired with bourbon, and the amiable Ellen DeGeneres will be blended with ostrich and spiced with pepper and mustard for “well-rounded flavor.”

Supporters have already come out of the woodwork.

Although it’s still hard to tell what to make of Bite Labs and whether or not we might all be able to know what Kanye West tastes like, at least it gives us a chance to ponder the eternal question: If you were a hotdog, would you eat yourself


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