Bite For Bite: A Guide To Bobby’s Burger Palace’s New Menu

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Bite For Bite: A Guide To Bobby’s Burger Palace’s New Menu

Unlike most people, when Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay looks at a map, he sees flavors instead of states. Therefore it should be expected that his first menu change in six years is inspired by his travels and celebrates the regional flavors surrounding his locations, naming almost every burger after a city or a state. BBP is truly the burger joint of America with ingredients from all over the country paying tribute to different tastes and traditions.

The new additions, announced at a media luncheon at the College Park BBP this past Friday, span the entire menu from burgers to shakes, ensuring that there’s something for everyone:


Photo by Suzanne Joyella 

Mocha and mint chocolate chip have been welcomed into the popular milkshake family (which includes spiked shakes – hello thirsty Thursday happy hour).


Photo by Suzanne Joyella

The menu also features a new half and half side option. Big enough for two to share, you and your date can fight over whether to combine onion rings, sweet potato fries or regular fries (but everyone knows it’s all about the fry sauce anyway).


Photo by Suzanne Joyella

New burgers include the Vegas burger, Dallas burger, Carolina burger and New Mexico burger, all smothered in varying types of cheeses, topped with a variety of slaws and pickled vegetables and garnished with sauces that speak to the burgers’ namesakes. The popular Brunch Burger, originally featured as a burger of the month, is now a permanent menu addition thanks to a social media campaign started by fans.

BBP insider tips: all burgers are cooked to order exactly as you like, any burger can be served topless (without a bun and over a bed of mixed greens) and all burgers can be substituted for a turkey burger or chicken breast.

Aside from offering a lively atmosphere and consistently delicious meals, BBP also offers UMD students a chance to learn about the inside world of the restaurant industry as a student ambassador. Students can apply to intern at Bobby’s Burger Palace University where they engage in community service, learn about marketing initiatives and gain hands on experience with professionals.


Photo by Suzanne Joyella

Whatever you get, whether a new menu item or an old faithful, make sure to get it crunchified (topped with potato chips for that next level texture)!

Address: 8150 Baltimore Ave, College Park, MD 20740

Hours of Operation: Sun – Thurs: 11 am – 10 pm, Fri – Sat: 11 am – 11 pm

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