Bitayavon And Joy Of Kosher Merge For A Bigger And Better Kosher

Want to know what happens when two become one? No, this is not The Daily Meal's Spice Girls rendition; this is about two critically acclaimed publications joining forces to become a new and distinctive magazine. Oh, and, they just so happen to be kosher. Just last month, the multi-platform media network Kosher Media Network announced that Bitayavon magazine and Joy of Kosher magazine will merge to create one of the most comprehensive kosher publications in the market.

While not unexpected, the power play by both of the esteemed publications is meant to "make our place in the market strong and create an even better version of both magazines," says Shifra Klein, editor-in-chief of Bitayavon, and now of the new publication.

"The move [demonstrates] the dedication of the teams of both Bitayavon and Joy of Kosher to keep working to establish the all new Joy of Kosher cooking magazine as a leading food publication that will continue to grow and expand in the coming years," she explains.

Along with doubling their subscription numbers, both parties hope to benefit by the joining of their unique skill sets. Bitayavon has long been praised for its unexpected take on kosher cuisine, through recipes and articles, and they hope that by working with Joy of Kosher, which is among the best publications in its class, their distinctive content will have an even bigger and better impact. While the merge is a positive thing in the eyes of both teams, some of their fan base is worried that the more boutique image of Bitayavon would be swallowed up by Joy of Kosher. Despite the worries, Klein insists that the move will not only respect and honor Bitayavon's unique characteristics, but strengthen them even more.

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"We are creating one go-to source for kosher cooks that will be a bigger and better version of both Bitayavon and Joy of Kosher," she explains.

There first joint issue hit the stands this month and is available online with a special holiday discount. What to look forward to? Their Winter 2012 issue featuring Chanuka, Israel, and more.

"It will be phenomenal and I have to say our best issue yet," says Klein, "We are planning incredible Chanukah parties, emphasis on food, of course, [and] party ideas as well. We are working with leading party planners, caterers, and chefs to provide our readers with creative and eye opening ideas for this upcoming holiday."


Anne Dolce is the Cook Editor at The Daily Meal. Follow her on Twitter @anniecdolce