The Birthplace Of Apple Martinis To Give Out Free Drinks

We'll toast to Los Angeles bar and restaurant Lola's for creating the most famous green martini ever — and you can, too. Lola's is hosting a "sweet 16" for its apple martinis this Friday.

Anyone who RSVPs to the event can get a free Ketel One vodka apple martini at the bash, plus appetizers and a live DJ. The story goes that Lola's owner, Lola Dunsworth, and other bartenders made the first apple martini by combining vodka, sweet and sour mix, and green apple Puckers to top it off in 1996. A 2000 article from The New York Times confirms that the apple martini trend did indeed begin in LA — and that Lola's is the birthplace. Dunsworth said back in 2000 to the NYT, "We had a bottle of DeKuyper's lying around and the bartenders were playing around with it... One of them threw it in with some Ketel One, and we called it an Adam's Apple Martini because the bartender's name was Adam.”

Dunsworth even said she took it off the menu for six months, when crazed customers who couldn't get enough of the green elixir would go crazy for the drink. She even called it "like heroin" back then. Still, we can't thank her enough for influencing bars across the country with her green concoction.