Birthday Cakes for Mom

How to make your mom the best birthday cake ever
Birthday Cake Tips

Bake a cake mom will love!

Ever since you were born, mom has made a big deal about your birthday. From picking your favorite birthday party theme, to planning the perfect birthday activities, mom always made birthdays special for you. One of the best treats you got on your special day? The birthday cake; it is always your favorite flavor and is always absolutely perfect. Doesn’t mom deserve that too? Treat her to a great birthday with a great cake using these simple tips.

DO: Fashion Her Cake Around What She Loves

If mom loves butterflies or basketball, make sure her favorite thing is represented in the cake.

DON’T: Make Fun of Her Age

Moms don't really need a reminder of how old they are in a negative way. This joke only works on moms who are accepting their age with a touch of humor!

DO: Check What Her Favorite Flavor Is

Mom always thinks about you, don't go buying your favorite cake flavor. It is her (and her taste buds') special day!

DON’T: Write “Happy Birthday Mom”

Unless only your mom and her kids are enjoying the cake. Otherwise, don’t forget that mom is a person, with a real name, that many other people call her by.

DO: Try to Make it From Scratch

All moms appreciate a homemade gift. A cake from scratch will totally blow her away!

DON’T: Stress if it Isn’t Perfect


Mom won't care as much about the final product as she will about the sweet gesture! If