Bikinis Sports Bar And Grill Opens Second Location In Houston

The Austin-based chain restaurant Bikinis Sports Bar and Grill has opened its second branch in Houston, according to Culture Map Houston. The new branch is in the Willowbrook area of Houston, next to the mall. In addition to being the second branch in Houston, it is now the 14th location in the country.

The bar combines customers' love for bar food and for barley dressed servers, a concept often attributed to the popular chain Hooters. The difference between the competing venues is in the outfits: Hooters waitresses wear white tank tops and sneakers while Bikini waitresses wear cowboy boots and bikini tops.

The Willbrook location is taking over a space formally occupied by a similar style restaurant, Dallas-based Burger Girl. The restaurant failed to survive because of the similar chains in the area, like Twin Peaks and Bone Daddy's.

The owner of the chain, Doug Guller, actually trademarked the term "breastaurant" in April through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, and the company is now able to boast about their status as the only "breastaurant" in the country.

The new venue in Willowbrook sits across the highway from a Hooters, adding tension to this competition for which restaurant has the best food and service.