Big Event Coming Up? Add Kiwi to Your Daily Diet

Learn the benefits of the lush, summer time fruit

Can this fruit make you more beautiful before the big day?

Whether you’re preparing for a weekend getaway, a party, attending a wedding, or prepping for your own big day, you want to be feeling your best as you pursue these events (and pose for countless pictures). But what if you’re having a bad hair day, your skin is dull and lack-luster, or your body feels like an ever-growing balloon of bloat?

Behold, the kiwi. Packed with antioxidant beta-carotene, Kiwis also have fat soluble vitamin E, essential fatty acids, potassium, fiber, vitamin C, and a cleansing enzyme called actinidin which keep your skin glowing, hair glistening, and body flowing at its peak potential.
There are countless ways to enjoy this fruit, such as chopping it up digging into our Spicy Kiwi and Jalapeno Salsa Recipe


Consider adding the easily accessible, versatile, and delicious kiwi fruit to your diet daily, and watch as your looks (and confidence) improve and prosper.