BGR's Obama And Romney Burgers; Ann Romney Dines At The Ivy

Chains are just going to keep rolling out Obama- and Romney-themed foods up until Election Day. This time around, BGR The Burger Joint is serving up an Obama burger and a Romney burger, each inspired by the candidate's hometown.

The Obama burger tops a hamburger patty with a Chicago Vienna Beef hot dog, plus the neon green relish and sport peppers of a Chicago hot dog.

Romney's burger, on the other hand, is topped with lobster meat and hollandaise, as a tribute to Massachusetts (left). Classy.

Each burger is $10.99, with $1 going to Share Our Strength's No Kid Hungry campaign; the chain will be tallying up which burger is more popular up until Election Day.

On the actual campaign trail, in the meantime, Ann Romney was given the papparazzi treatment when she dined at The Ivy, a popular Los Angeles restaurant known for celebrity citings. What followed was an awkward, one-sided video published on TMZ.