Beyond Meat Creates Tastier Imitation Chicken

Beyond Meat has attempted to create a better-tasting fake chicken that will appeal to even the biggest meat lovers

Beyond Meat chicken

"Tastes like chicken" may actually ring very true when it comes to a new type of alternative chicken from a new company called Beyond Meat.

The company, based in Maryland, has a new formula that should be inexpensive as well as tasty, according to an NPR report

Ethan Brown, the company’s founder, started the company with the hope that he could replicate the taste and texture of the chicken to appeal more to meat lovers

The "chicken" is created by turning soy meal and other vegan ingredients into meat using a heating process that Beyond Meat licensed from the University of Missouri. 

"This is one of the cleanest proteins you can get," Brown says. "You don't have to worry about any of the additives that are being put into a chicken. It's just a pure, simple product that comes from plants."

Whole Foods Market will begin selling prepared Beyond Meat chicken in the next month. 

So start planning your vegetarian dinner party today!