Beyond the Margarita: 8 Tequila Cocktails

There's more to agave than a margarita; spicy Cinco de Mayo cocktails
How to Make a Spicy Paloma

Philip Ward of Mayahuel demonstrates how to make a spicy paloma with jalapeño-infused tequila. Produced by Jessica Chou

8 tequila cocktails.

Let's be real, we are always down for a good margarita. Whether it's traditional, flavored, or frozen — we can't get enough of them. But why limit ourselves to only a margarita when tequila can be made into so, so many more cocktails? This Cinco de Mayo, we're thinking far beyond the margarita and wondering what other cocktails can be made with our favorite tequilas.

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Tequila lends itself to so many more cocktails that are just a step up from the margarita, so if you've mastered the art of the margarita, read ahead. While some are classics, like the Paloma (and its variation, the pomegranate Paloma), others are twists on other classic cocktails. Take the Mexican Mojito — while some may not think tequila belongs in a mint-based cocktail, we beg to differ. And of course, many of the cocktails are spicy, just the way we like it. What kind of Cinco de Mayo would it be without some jalepeños, after all? 


Get creative this Cinco de Mayo and think outside the margarita and tequila shot. We promise, you'll still have some great cocktails in you. Click ahead for our favorite tequila recipes.