Beyond Guacamole: 10 Great Avocado Dips

When it comes to the Super Bowl (or really, any party) there are a few essentials that have to make an appearance. Snacks like wings, beer and an array of dips are total must haves. And without fail, someone always brings a freshly whipped bowl of guacamole. But just because you snagged a few perfectly picked avocados doesn't mean you can only use them for boring guacamole dips.

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Avocados have been making cameos in quite a few dishes these days, but that doesn't mean you can't use them creatively in dips! Since avocados are such an easy ingredient to work with, you can use them to compliment, enhance or really carry any flavors of your choosing. Just in case you need some help getting out of your guacamole groove, we've collected some great avocado inspired dips for your party that takes you far beyond guacamole.

Take the dip that marries avocado with sweet baked potato and charred onion— this one has all of the fixings for a classic game-day treat that will tickle your taste buds in ways simple guacamole can't. You could even try making the delicious black bean corn salsa we found that uses avocados as a nice textural ingredient. With so many options, you'll be sure to score a touchdown with these winning recipes. 

For more inspiration on what to make to the big game, or any party you plan on throwing this year, check out our slideshow for some delicious ideas!