Confused Beyoncé Fans Come After Rachael Ray on Instagram

Some of Beyoncé’s fans got lost on their way to yell at Rachel Roy

Some of Beyoncé's fans got confused on their way to yell at fashion designer Rachel Roy and have been going after celebrity chef Rachael Ray instead.  

Celebrity TV cook Rachael Ray must be having one confusing day, because she found herself on the receiving end of an enormous flurry of online abuse from furious Beyoncé fans who accused the 30-Minute Meals guru of having had an affair with Beyoncé’s husband, Jay Z.

Last night Beyoncé released Lemonade, an hour-long visual album that has been very well-received among her fans. According to Vulture, one song on the album included a reference to a woman Beyoncé calls “Becky with the good hair,” who is presumed to be a woman with whom Beyoncé’s husband had an affair.

Celebrity gossip alleges that “Becky” is actually fashion designer Rachel Roy, and as soon as the song came out, angry Beyoncé fans started posting angry insults at Roy on Instagram and Twitter. A few Beyoncé fans, however, appear to have confused fashion designer Rachel Roy with cookbook author Rachael Ray and have inundated the cookbook author’s Instagram account with attacks and accusations that she lured Jay Z with food. It’s a bizarre case of mistaken identity that at least appears to be amusing to the Rachael Ray fans who are enjoying watching the confusion.


For her part, Ray does not appear to have responded to the confused Beyhive, and just posted a picture of her dog for National Pet Parents day.