Beyoncé's Favorite Foods On The Road Slideshow

Blue Sky Soda

While grocery shopping with a friend, Beyoncé snapped up this photo of Blue Sky soda. Wonder what the significance is?


Talk about spicy. This Texan girl stays true to her handle and shoots before she eats.


Chocolate-covered cherries are what are on this divas menu.


Rocking a colorful ensemble, Knowles has time to swig a bottle of Corona.

Food Trucks

Beyoncé, her sister Solange, and her dancers hit up Food Shark, a food truck in Marfa, Texas, that serves up "Mediterranean by-way-of-West Texas," according to their site.

Grocery Shopping

No personal shoppers here, Beyonc does her own grocery shopping, thank you.

Bread and Beer

Hovis bread, a British brand, plus Bootylicious beer put the combination together. A little symbolic, yes?


This Mexican import is yet another favorite of the singers as she snaps and sips.