Beyoncé Feeds the Masses

Well, her masses. Queen B dropped more than $2,200 on a Nando’s Chicken check for her posse
Mason Poole PR NEWSWIRE Newscom

The Queen B. splurges on her entourage.

Touring the world as Mrs. Carter isn’t an easy gig, and certainly isn’t an easy act to follow. So the diva herself saw it fit to purchase a little comfort food for her crew — roughly $2,200 of it.

The Daily Mail reportedly discovered a photo of what is allegedly Beyoncé's receipt from a Nando's restaurant in Chelmsford, England, after her performance at the V Festival on Saturday.

The receipt details that the 31-year-old superstar purchased:  

• 58 wing platters

• 48 whole chickens

• 12 veggie burgers

• 24 coleslaws

• 24 rice dishes

The total came out to £1,444, or more than $2,200.

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Nando’s Chicken, which proudly marinates and bastes its chicken in South African Peri-Peri blends, is available worldwide. Whatever is in this fast-food chicken, it sure doesn’t disappoint Beyoncé, since she allegedly also dropped some serious cash on the chain while in Dublin. While it may be hard keeping up with the mogul, mom, and wife of Jay Z, one thing is for sure — if you follow B, you’ll never go hungry!