Beverly Hills Hotel Hawking $100 Cocktail

For their 100 year anniversary, the Beverly Hills Hotel has decided to serve a $100 sidecar

$100 Sidecar at Beverly Hills Hotel

Sure, we have a $100 hot dog and a $100 burger, but let's get a little classier (and boozier) shall we? The Beverly Hills Hotel is celebrating their 100-year-old birthday tomorrow; to kick the party off, they've had their bartender mix up a $100 cocktail.

A special "These Walls are Talking" cocktail list of 10 Hollywood-inspired drinks includes the "100 Year Sidecar," made with Hennessy Xo cognac, Cointreau, lemon juice, and a rim of gold flakes (of course). The price? $100, sans tax or tip (buyers get to keep the cup, however).

There's also a tribute to Marilyn Monroe in "The Norma Jean," a glass of Dom Perignon champagne for $86, while the other eight cocktails hover at the $17 priceline, with names like "The Rat Pack."

Check out some more celebratory drinks over on The Beverly Hills Hotel's website