Between Bread: Vegetarian Banh Mi


I know what you’re thinking. Why would you eat a vegetarian banh mi when you can just eat a banh mi stuffed with crispy pork belly or tender chicken? I used to think that way too. But allow me to change your mind. Actually, allow Kung Fu Hoagies to change your mind.

Today’s between bread stars a unique sandwich from a funky food cart. Walk up, place your order, wait in line and watch as two guys you wish could be your friends pile hefty tofu meatballs, a special red sauce, a handful of freshly cut vegetables, sprinkles of cilantro, jalapeños and a vegan mayo atop a crispy roll. Don’t express skepticism at the vegan mayo, just go with it. First bite you’ll hit the crunch of the toasted roll. Next you’ll ease into the hearty tofu that you’ll swear could actually be meat. Finally you’ll get the pop of vegetable crunch and heat of the pepper. It’s a win.

Photo by Amanda Shulman

address:  38th and Sansom

hours: check twitter, @kungfuhoagies

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