Between Bread: Egg Sandwich From Lyn's

Photo by Amanda Shulman

Saying I love Lyn's is like saying I love Jennifer Lawrence. It's making a claim in which the majority of the world is 100% in accordance. In a way, I guess Lyn and Jennifer Lawrence share more similarities than just being really well liked. Seeing them out of their usual context (Lyn's food cart and the big screen/The Hunger Games/Silver Lining's Playbook, respectively) would be extremely exciting. They're both really good at what they do, Lyn at serving up incredible hangover cures/lunch/dinner/snack/fuel, and J-Law at serving up heart-wrenching movies. Basically, they're both all stars.

While I'm partial to J-Law's role in The Hunger Games and am planning on naming my daughter Katniss, my favorite masterpiece of Lyn's has got to be her egg and cheese. My order has stayed the same since my baby freshmen days, and I don't see it changing anytime soon: whole wheat toast with eggs, spinach, provolone, sriracha, ketchup, salt and pepper. Regardless of my state I'm always able to spit out those 11 words and receive my day's fuel and a warm smile in return. The ideal combo of salt and spice and heat and sweet, makes for the world's ultimate hangover cure or incredible breakfast/pick me up any day of the week. I love you both, Lyn and J-Law.

address: 36th and Spruce

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