Better than Tea is Hospitality

Better than Tea...


Better than Tea is Hospitality

It is cold outside—like Nordic cold. As the temperature dips down to the single digits, I find that most people run to the drug store to grab the generic vitamin supplement or box selection of tea to keep the common cold at bay. Well, I have a different solution for this Charles Dickens time of year—dinner parties!

Wait, dinner parties!? Yes, dinner parties.

First and foremast, there is nothing warmer and more satisfying than a homemade meal in the comforts of your own apartment or a dear friend’s digs. However, beyond the warm and fuzzy emotional support that dinner parties add to your life, they are INSIDE! True, all restaurants and bars are inside during these frigid winter months--unless you’re at some ice bar in Sweden or Russia--but dinner parties last much longer.

I am keen advocate of dinner parties because they allow all attendees to genuinely relax and take their time. It is only at these types at gatherings that you can really indulge in the bon vivant way of life. Whenever I have my closest friends over for a nice warm and hefty winter meal, it lasts for at least four hours. Four hours is at least one hour longer than your longest meal at any NY restaurant, which means you have one more hour inside and one less hour to freeze.

In addition, stress is one of the biggest inducers of sickness. And I don’t know about you, but once you subtract noise, a long wait, and an expensive group bill that sneakily adds up to beyond your means, and add food, friends, and a delicious wine from your favorite wine store, even the biggest stress case miraculously simmers.

For all you, who want to test out my theory on winter defense, click and sign up for this: You might have one less trip to drug store in your future.