Better Beers for Your Super Bowl Party

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We head to DBGB to get advice on making your beers stand out from the crowd
Better Beers For Your Super Bowl Party

We head to DBGB to get advice on making your beers stand out from the crowd

Beer for the Super Bowl
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Super Bowl Beer

Beer and the Super Bowl are made for each other; one can barely exist without the other. And yet, despite the many, many Budweiser commercials that we are always inundated with during the big game, it doesn’t mean we have to settle for basic beer choices.

Kerrie O’Brien of DBGB Kitchen & Bar has a few suggestions to liven up your party with better brews. In the video above she suggests beers ranging from sour lambics to go with cheese plates to light pilsners to drink all night with fried and fatty foods. She emphasizes that a good host should aim to have beers in a wide range, but that you should avoid craft beers with too high an alcohol content. "The Super Bowl is all about length, there’s the pre-party, there’s the whole Super Bowl, then the after party. So think smart — find a good sessionable beer that’s better than your Bud or Coors or mass-market beers," she said.

And if you want to serve a variety throughout the night, she suggests deliberately putting out different beers at different times. "It kind of follows the same rules as a wine pairing, you want to go progressive. Start light and move heavy," she said.

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For her specific beer suggestions, watch the video above, and if you want O'Brien's picks in person, you can always head to DBGB.