The Best Turkey Tenderloin Recipes

Make these turkey tenderloin recipes for Thanksgiving or any day of the week
Turkey Tenderloin Recipes

These turkey tenderloin recipes are perfect for a small crowd.

Thanksgiving dinner is always an occasion with a ton of food. But when you are cooking for a small group, be it family or for Friendsgiving, sometimes a whole turkey is too much. While you could make a turkey breast for Thanksgiving, you probably want an even easier and faster solution for your small party. The answer is simple: make turkey tenderloins.

Turkey tenderloin recipes are delicious and sadly underrated. You can season them just like their big turkey counterparts, but they’re far more manageable and take way less time to prepare. Try out some of these delicious turkey tenderloin recipes for your Thanksgiving meal!

Roasted Turkey Tenderloin Recipe

In the mood for a Thanksgiving meal, but can't wait until the big day? Try making turkey tenderloins for dinner. This roasted turkey tenderloin recipe takes one-third of the time of a full Thanksgiving turkey, but promises to have all of the flavors. This savory dish is all you need for a mini Thanksgiving dinner.

Lemon Basil Turkey Tenderloin Recipe

For those who love Thanksgiving, turkey is a welcome dinner any day of the week. But who wants the hassle of having to cook an entire turkey? Turkey tenderloins are the perfect solution for your Thanksgiving cravings. Smother them in this savory lemon-basil marinade for a super flavorful dish.

Honey Mustard Turkey Tenderloin Recipe


Having turkey tenderloins for dinner any night of the week is sort of like getting to enjoy Thanksgiving whenever you feel like it. This poultry main dish is easy to work with and always soaks up a lot of flavor, so make sure you're seasoning appropriately. While it doesn't take as long as a regular Thanksgiving turkey, it isn't quite as fast as other poultry, so be sure to allow for some time to cook.