The Best Of Travel In 2013 (So Far)

January may feel like it was yesterday, but whether we can believe it or not, it's June and summer is in full swing. To recap all that's happened in these few short months, we've rounded up the best of The Daily Meal's Travel channel for your reading, trip-planning, and eating pleasure.

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From comprehensive 101 lists to new contributors and series, we've been bringing you top food and travel news with delicious itineraries, reports on gastronomic festivals, and practical tips for the food-loving voyager.

Whether you want to roam a city for the best of its street food or are looking to make a reservation at a destination's top restaurants, we've been keeping you posted with everything you need to know about eating while on the move.

Check out our slideshow to see what you shouldn't have missed from this year in travel. The year's only half over, so be sure and stay tuned to find out both where you should be headed and what you should be ordering on your next trip!